ETI fuses in the unique model of the replica of the first Slovenian car "Triglav"

Students of the secondary technical and trade school in Trbovlje produced a unique model of replica of the first Slovenian car ˝Triglav˝, electrically powered. We are proud to say that ETI fuses were also used in the project.

The engine drives the battery system from worn-out Li-Ion cells from laptops and e-bikes, which were also collected in  Zasavje and wider area at the time of the project. With the help of rich reality, EV parameters and assemblies can be viewed on smartphones using the application.

Secondary technical and trade school Trbovlje, 
Mentors: Vasja Markič, Marjan Pograjc in Žiga Podplatnik.
May 15th 2019

The financial implementation and construction of the model was made possible by the RaST - a project of II. gymnasium in Maribor.