Our CEO awarded with prestigious national award by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

We are proud to announce that our CEO Msc. Tomaž Berginc was awarded with a prestigious national award given out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for special accomplishments.

Each year, Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives out a prestigious award to businessmen, who create surpluses on a sustainable basis - have excellent results in the domestic and global markets for many years, have an innovative business philosophy and work with thoughtful business moves. Who achieve breakthroughs in their niche markets and can be leaders in the domestic or foreign market. Who demonstrate that excellent results can be achieved in the most demanding business conditions with the satisfaction of all stakeholders - buyers and owners, employees and the environment. Recipients of the prize are thus included in the company of the most prominent individuals, who through their activities significantly shape the economic and social environment in which they operate.

We are very proud that this year, one of the awardees was our own Msc. Tomaž Berginc. Congratulations!

Reportage from the award ceremony (in Slovenian):