Unique serial number with link to the measurements' database for each NH fuse 

ETI's silver awarded innovation

Silver awarded innovation in our production process enables us to label each NH fuse with a unique serial number, linking it to a record of measurements in the database. Thus we will be able to follow the product parameters throughout the entire lifespan. We are the first in the market to introduce such a detailed record for a fuse.
The renewed production process also has other benefits. It was developed on the principle of lean production. We have achieved high productivity and flexibility in changing the type of product and improving the market value of the product. New know-how and new technologies implemented on the basis of this innovation have enabled us to look at the already established technologies in regular production, which are gradually modernized with the new knowledge (technology of filling with sand, welding) and creating better working conditions.

The beginnings of the project is dated back to 2014, when the idea of a completely new concept for production of NH-fuses was formed, allowing for high accuracy of assembly, which is very important for these products.

This idea resulted in the development and production of technology, with which the existing product is now automatically manufactured with a controlled production process and traceability. 

The process consists of five units, connected in a whole:
1.unit: riveting the contact knife on the cover, which allows the lean process of manufacturing.
2.unit: welding of melting elements on a knife, assembly in the base and screwing.
3.unit: assembly of the indicator lever.
4.unit: a robotic cell was developed for the process of filling silica sand deposits into fuse bodies with vibration control and density measurement and sand level inside products, which ensures the correct functioning on all fuse characteristics tests.
5.unit: is intended for final control, measurement of cold resistance and inserting all data to a database, printing labels and a unique serial number that ensures product traceability for the entire life span.

Currently there are three sizes of these fuses being manufactured on the new assembly line: NH00, NH0 and NH1C 

In the development of the new process technology, several innovative solutions from our colleagues from different departments have been included, and all devices have been produced with our own know-how, inside ETI group.